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Re: installer final touches matters

On Jan 22, 2013, at 11:22 AM, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:
> I think maybe you've got a bit of a misconception as to how it works? It
> is not performing storage tasks in parallel. What it's doing is queuing
> up commands to execute the storage scheme you're planning out. Nothing
> is committed until you finish the storage spoke and hit 'Begin
> Installation.' That's the clear point of no return.

This is not clear. In a way it's actually less clear than in oldUI.

> In the old installer, you'd hit the point of no return I *think* before
> you even entered the custom partitioning screen.

It appeared as a modal dialog in the custom partitioning screen, upon clicking Next. It was a Confirm modal dialog that made it really clear that partitioning options were going to be committed to disk, and the user had to click "write changes to disk".

So while it's not entirely clear prior to the appearance of this dialog that changes haven't already been made, once it appears it's a sure thing. Whereas in newUI the point of committment is made neither in advance of the spoke, nor even after leaving the spoke. So it's ambiguous when the change actually happens unless you've deduced this from testing or looked at the code.

> In this new model, you
> can play around a bit without risk to the underlying data, and you can
> go back to the storage spoke and redo it as much as you'd like before
> needing to commit.

I'm very sensitive software being too verbose. However, it might make sense to have a brief statement on the very first page of the install destination spoke, that explicitly says: changes are not written to disk in this spoke, they are only settings; changes are written to disk when leaving the hub upon clicking Begin Installation. That sets the trust sooner, and it obviates a note on each pane in the spoke.

>> In short, in the storage spoke, can you put a note on every pane saying
>> what action clicking the "Continue" button will trigger, and what, if
>> any permanent effects will result.  If there are no permanent effects of
>> clicking "Continue", please indicate that, as well.
> I think that would be excessive. We certainly could have better
> explanatory text on some of the screens tho - the problem was the string
> freeze deadline tied us up this release so simply adding an explanatory
> line to a screen was pretty much not possible.
> Maybe what would work better here is on the very first hub screen, the
> main menu, we had a message at the top, "Please configure your install
> as desired using the menu items below. Nothing will be committed to disk
> until you proceed by clicking on the 'Begin Installation' button" or
> something like that. Would a message like that up front have eased your
> mind a bit better?

That is even earlier in the process, which may be a good thing. But it's also a different context. The hub is not just about storage, but the suggested notification pacifying the user is essentially about storage modification. So I'm concerned that it clutters the hub, where perhaps other descriptive text may be needed to give the user some direction about the hub concept itself; and leave the pacification to the first screen in the Destination spoke

Chris Murphy

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