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Re: "'Wow' for anaconda" !

One problem with Gparted, is the representation. Do you read the graph from right to left, or left to right.

If we want fast access, we should move all /bin files to  a partition at the very front of a physical disk. It can remain where it is on a SSD drive.


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This quote:
"I'm accustomed to the gparted presentation, which is nothing more than a graphical depiction of the physical layout of the drive, and that in itself assumes that you know enough to understand what each partition is and how they fit together. That isn't a very good assumption for the average user, is it? Showing partitions in logical installation groups may well be a better idea, and I just need to adjust to it."

is crucial because it shows the author understood the concept about making the partition setting easier to read for ordinary users. Hopefully the side effect will be to educate them.


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