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Few ideas for Anaconda hub and spoke


I have gathered several ideas for hub and spoke - maybe it's can be
useful for the next release of anaconda... So here we go:

1. Make it possible to see all spoke modules at the hub as start.
2. Hub and spoke modules in anaconda is great, but it needs hub and
spoke for the kickstart too. Every spoke module has to provide an
kickstart file what the hub can execute or skip as the user
wants/selects. Instead of rewriting every time the kickstart why
couldn't be modular?
3. The installer SHOULD *only* provide an small LIVE core (200-300 MB)
of the system that bootable in any circumstance till bash, and ready
to use in CLI or for futher customization (Possibly JUST minimal
install). With the small core - what is easily maintainable
4. Separate the installation parts to different spoke modules. Eg. I
think we need an spoke module, where you can select your default UI
(Gnome, , and customize its apps if the user wants.
5. Make it possible that after hw detection - witch hw has no driver -
be presented in the central hub, and if the user has an driver that
the manufacturer provides, be possible to insert it from externally.
Debian has this feature from eons in Squeeze installer.
6. After I have seen tons of post installation apps (Fedora tools,
Easylife and whatnot), where you can select extra applications, I
would like to suggest something else. Instead of selecting one by one
the needed apps, I'd like to see package groups for different use
cases inside an spoke module. Make it possible to save it externally,
and reuse it when installing next time. This can include even backups,
and home folder files, settings - I think.
On desktop, I think we should offer an desktop customization directly
as we start after question "Would you like to set your final
customization?" the settings panel with tiny description window as "We
open for you the control center where you can finish your desktop
customization if you wish, if you say here later, you can call the
control center/settings panel any time with .... and thank you for
selected Fedora XX codename.".



PGP:  06853DF7

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