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Re: Few ideas for Anaconda hub and spoke

> > 5. Make it possible that after hw detection - witch hw has no driver -
> > be presented in the central hub, and if the user has an driver that
> > the manufacturer provides, be possible to insert it from externally.
> > Debian has this feature from eons in Squeeze installer.
> There is a 'driver disk' feature in anaconda, though it may have gotten
> broken over the last couple of releases. An interactive spoke for it is
> kind of a neat idea, I guess.

Driver disks are not functional in anaconda at the moment.  They should
be in for F19.  I don't know that anyone in Fedora has ever used them or
tested them, though.

Likely, any UI related to driver disks will have to happen before
anaconda proper starts up, though.  Keep in mind we may require storage
or network drivers loaded from them before we can do anything else.

- Chris

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