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text UI and threading issues


I'd like to solicit opinions/have a discussion on an issue Chris and I
noticed with text UI for F19. Some of the new functionality will include
being able to set the source repo and choosing software groups to
install. However, text UI does not lend itself to handling
multithreading as in the GUI.

While yum payload transactions or depsolving is happening in the GUI,
the software and source repo spokes are grayed out, forbidding users to
click on them again until the threads have finished running.
Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in the TUI to prevent users from
re-visiting a spoke with threads active, which is quite dangerous.

I think the safest way of handling this is to accept the limitations of
text UI and lock the user in the current spoke until running threads are
finished, then return them back to the main hub to proceed with
installation. Not terribly convenient, but again, I think it's safest.

Before doing this however, I want to make sure there is general
agreement or that nobody has a better suggestion.



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