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Re: text UI and threading issues

On Wed, May 01, 2013 at 11:09:46AM -0400, Samantha N. Bueno wrote:
> While yum payload transactions or depsolving is happening in the GUI,
> the software and source repo spokes are grayed out, forbidding users to
> click on them again until the threads have finished running.
> Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in the TUI to prevent users from
> re-visiting a spoke with threads active, which is quite dangerous.
> I think the safest way of handling this is to accept the limitations of
> text UI and lock the user in the current spoke until running threads are
> finished, then return them back to the main hub to proceed with
> installation. Not terribly convenient, but again, I think it's safest.
> Before doing this however, I want to make sure there is general
> agreement or that nobody has a better suggestion.

Shades of "abort, retry, fail", but, what about when a spoke with active
threads is selected, giving a message like:

  "This option currently not available because dependency solving is
   in progress. Do you want to wait and follow progress, or select a
   different option?"

Matthew Miller  ☁☁☁  Fedora Cloud Architect  ☁☁☁  <mattdm fedoraproject org>

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