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Re: Anaconda usability test report from DevConf


I found that my suggestion list will take a bit more time than I expected. So,
there is the final version of my report from DevConf Usability Tests. It
contains the second session too (it was not part of the previous report). And I
will release my suggestions in a few days.

The link to report: www.visionplus.cz/anaconda/Report_Session1&2.pdf 


"Filip Kosík" <208245 mail muni cz> wrote on Sun, 14 Apr 2013 21:45:53 +0200:
> Hi,
> now, I am doing reports from the usability tests that took place in the
> Czech
> Republic. I have made the report on Session 1 from DevConf.cz. There are
> detected some problems. But it is not finished because I have to make a
> report
> on Session 2 (and the internal usability tests) etc. So, something may
> change.
> But
> I want to make my current work available.
> My current report:
> http://www.visionplus.cz/anaconda/Test_Report_Session1.pdf
> Pre-test Survey (users background):
> http://www.visionplus.cz/anaconda/Pre-Test_Survey_DevConf.tar.gz
> Feedback (after usability tests):
> http://www.visionplus.cz/anaconda/FeedBack_DevConf.tar.gz
> Note:
> One document refers to another using anonymous id.
> Filip
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