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Re: can someone help me with adding a kickstart flag?

On Wed, May 08, 2013 at 10:03:21AM -0400, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > I'm probaby doing something really silly, or missing something obvious. I'd
> > appreciate if someone could help me figure out where!
> Your pykickstart bit looks fine, and you can prove that by running "make
> test" or by running ksvalidator against a file containing your new flag.
> So it's gotta be something in the integration.

Yeah, did the former, and now with ksvalidator too (a useful tool to know
about in its own right!).

> Your anaconda patch works by modifying get_bootloader to set the
> bootloader if a command line argument has been provided.  That happens
> really early on.  At the point where bootloader.execute runs, it's too
> late.

Okay, yeah, obvious in retrospect. 

> What might be easiest is if you modify dracut/parse-kickstart instead of
> pyanaconda/kickstart.py.  Put in a block for bootloader similar to
> what's already there, and have it add the command line argument if the
> flag is given in kickstart.  That'd save you from having to write code
> to change out the anaconda.bootloader instance.  


I assume the pykickstart patch should also be there so the validator works
and so other tools can use it?

> Who knows what'll go wrong with that.

There are a lot of moving parts here. :)

> Just keep in mind that once this option is in, we'll have to support it
> for a good long while.

Yep. I'm committed. :) (I stuck my name at the top of the file with the
earlier extlinux patches, so people know who to find if something goes

> - Chris
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