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Guided partitioning is fundamentally broken for Btrfs default use

Originally I was thinking the installer's assertion that Btrfs is not resizable just needed a verbiage change to "Resize unsupported"

But there's a consequence that makes this a show stopper for Btrfs becoming the eventual default file system.

Actual behavior:

1. F18, use Guided Partitioning, partition scheme set to Btrfs, on a blank drive.
2. F19, use Guided Partitioning = can't, there isn't enough space and the installer won't resize Btrfs volumes. 

Expected behavior:

Either Guided partitioning should enable the shrinking of the Btrfs file system to make room for a new 500MB ext4 /boot. 

OR it needs to support /boot on Btrfs subvolumes. 

OR it needs to support reusing an existing /boot. 

Currently none of these are supported in Guided partitioning.

Work around:
Use Manual partitioning, and place /boot on btrfs as a subvolume. This also triggers this grubby bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=864198.

Chris Murphy

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