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Re: Proposal of minor LiveDVD F19 network/hostname configuration UX improvement (PATCH included)

> Do you see it as an improvement acceptable for F19?
> (It could use some wording/layout polishing.)

I like the idea, though I would definitely change the wording, perhaps
to something like this:

"Please use the live desktop environment's tools for customizing your
network configuration.  You can set the hostname here."

Also if you're going to expose the standalone network spoke on live
installs for setting the hostname, how about exposing it off the first
hub for setting the hostname there, too?

>      def initialize(self):
>          StandaloneSpoke.initialize(self)
>          self.network_control_box.initialize()
> +        if not flags.can_touch_runtime_system("recommend network configuration in DE for live install"):
> +            self.builder.get_object("networkNeedLabel1").set_text(_("Network configuration of Live environment will be used for installed system. You can customize the configuration using tools of the Live environment."))
> +            self.builder.get_object("vbox2").set_no_show_all(True)
> +            self.builder.get_object("vbox2").hide()
>      def refresh(self):
>          StandaloneSpoke.refresh(self)

If you're going to start using the vbox2 object for stuff, I think you
should give it a real name so we know what it is later.  I've tried to
keep the glade-generated names to only containers we don't really care

- Chris

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