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Re: questions about when and how it is appropriate to translate storage terms

On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 11:46:29AM -0500, David Shea wrote:
> (copied to anaconda-devel-list)
> Greetings, i18n list. I have a few questions about how things related to
> storage should be translated. I have a few situations where I would like to
> know how a non-English speaker (and in particular a speaker of a language
> that uses non-Latin characters) would expect something to be displayed, and
> how they expect something to be input.
> 1: Partition labels.
> For display, consider the following screen:
> http://dshea.fedorapeople.org/storage_i18n/es_format_summary.png Should
> anything in the type ("Tipo" in this image) column be translated? Things
> like "partition", "physical volume", "BIOS Boot", "EFI System Partition".
> Some of these strings also represent names that are written to the partition
> table for disk labels that support it. Would you expect these strings to be
> localized or would they all be in English? Would a system with a non-English
> firmware display something like "EFI System Partition," or would it be a
> localized string?

 EFI uses UTF8, so it should not be problem for all applications (and
 firmwares) to read non-ASCII chars from partition table. The label is
 just information for user and it's irrelevant for system (system
 cares about partition type).

 The question is if we really need to set any partition labels. IMHO
 it's unnecessary. It's better to use UUIDs to identify the partitions
 and GUID to identify the partition type (and you can translate the
 partition types to human readable strings to keep things more
 If you really need partition labels than you can use parted/fdisk,
 but it's overkill to support this feature for basic tools like

> 2: Partition sizes
> If you want to create a partition that's 500MB, how would you input that
> size? How would you expect it to be displayed?

 (/me grumbles something about MiB rather than MB :-)...

> Here's a couple of images in Kazakh since it's non Latin and happens to have
> translations in blivet:
> http://dshea.fedorapeople.org/storage_i18n/kk_size_input.jpg
> http://dshea.fedorapeople.org/storage_i18n/kk_size_display.jpg
> Would you expect sizes to be displayed as the localized МБ, or would you
> expect "MB"? How would you expect to be able to input the size? Should it be
> able to accept both localized and English sizes?

 Hmm... for example util-linux does not translate the size suffix.

 Karel Zak  <kzak redhat com>

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