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non-starter HTTP installation

Target: single core 32 bit 2.4GHz P4, 1G RAM, Matrox G400 AGP video.

  5925232 Mar 14 16:22 vmlinuz
274341888 Mar 17 11:59 squashfs.img
 38301760 Mar 17 12:02 initrd.img

I tried to initialize an HTTP installation from mirrors.us.kernel.org via Grub. Cmdline option inst.resolution=1024x768 was ignored (as far as it got, far short of GUI startup), as were vga=791, video=1024x768 and net.ifnames=0. Init progressed only as far as "target Initrd File Systems", about 40 seconds. Only keyboard response was to ESC toggling between bootup message and a bar at bottom of screen that ended "Fedora 21", and CAD to reboot, since a wait of more than 10 minutes produced no more activity.

Should it have proceeded?
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