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feature for building docker base images in anaconda

Hi everyone. In the cloud sig, we want to be able to build official Fedora
docker base images. There are a number of advantages if we could do this
using anaconda as the primary tool for that -- first, we hope to get koji
integration basically for free with the upstream work, and second, using a
well-known and well-supported tool rather than some one-off which becomes

I'd like to create a fedora feature for this, but I, um, don't intend to
actually do any of the coding. I can talk about what's needed until I turn
blue, though, and test things and so on. Would anyone like to raise their
hand to help?

Basically, we need something that:

 - takes a kickstart in
 - outputs a tarball of /

and it needs some of the things already in progress or done (install without
a kernel, install with reduced docs and langs). More specifically:


 * install without swap or any other partitioning (easy, I think)
 * install without any bootloader (should be done)
 * install with no docs (ditto)
 * don't add any packages not in the explictly-given package set + rpm reqs

Nice to Have:
 We do a number of things in the image kickstart `%post` that could be
 handled by the tool directly. This would make it easier for end users
 to make their own images without complicated kickstarts.

 * Create /dev/tty1 and /dev/loop# devices statically
 * soft-link /dev/tty1 to /dev/console
 * anonymize images with no /var/lib/random-seed or other supposed-to-be-
   unique elements (/etc/hosts?)
 * disable /tmp on tmpfs


  * anaconda run in its non-vm mode to reduce build time and resources.
    In fact, it'd be ideal to be able to run this _inside a docker 

Matthew Miller    --   Fedora Project    --    <mattdm fedoraproject org>

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