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anaconda and initial-setup changes for: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/XorgWithoutRootRights


As you may've heard I'm working on making the xserver run as a normal user, see:

This involves it delegating device node management to systemd-logind. In order
for this to work, 2 conditions must be met when the xserver is started:

1) It must have a vc as controlling tty
2) It must be inside a properly registered (pam) user session

For anaconda doing something like a mingetty --autologin as a certain user, and
having the shell for that user be the script which starts the xserver should be

For initial setup you may likely want to do something similar. Of course there
are other options, as long as the 2 conditions above are met things should work.

Note currently the necessary Xorg changes for this are not yet in rawhide, so
if you've some fixes for this you would like to see tested, drop me a mail and
I'll see what I can do.



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