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Re: feature for building docker base images in anaconda

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 10:48:57AM -0700, Brian C. Lane wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 09:21:00AM -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:
> > Basically, we need something that:
> >  - takes a kickstart in
> >  - outputs a tarball of /
> This is why livemedia-creator was written. It uses Anaconda to create
> 'stuff', adding a tarball output would be easy. Currently you can make
> iso's, partitioned disk images and bare filesystem images with it.

Should I file an RFE for this?

> >  We do a number of things in the image kickstart `%post` that could be
> >  handled by the tool directly. This would make it easier for end users
> >  to make their own images without complicated kickstarts.
> These kinds of things belong in the kickstart IMO, the same way we do
> things for the live spins.

I can live with that, especially for now. It may be in the future that it's
demonstrable that all container-building runs have the *same* hacks every
time and we can revisit. Right now, it's true that what is needed is
changing pretty quickly.

> >   * anaconda run in its non-vm mode to reduce build time and resources.
> >     In fact, it'd be ideal to be able to run this _inside a docker 
> >     container_.
> Docker is using linux containers, correct? I've done some experiments
> with systemd-nspawn and virt-install lxc and it doesn't work at the
> moment. I'm not sure if it can or if the errors we will run into are

Yeah, Linux containers, although Dan Walsh will tell you that there is
technically no such thing.

> similar to what happens when we try to run in a mock (dbus/udev/X
> anaconda requirements). Anaconda needs to be able to talk to NM over
> dbus, and keyboard setup now comes from a stack of things that involves
> X.

These things shouldn't be needed for kickstart-fed image building of any
kind, though, should they?

Matthew Miller    --   Fedora Project    --    <mattdm fedoraproject org>

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