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Re: connecting github to the email lists

Another possibility is to use the web-service hook mechanism to send a HTTP request somewhere any time a pull request is created or commented on, and we could generate emails from that. The downsides are obvious: we would have to 1) host it, and 2) write it. Though maybe #2 isn't entirely true, since I have a hard time believing that we're the first ones to do something like this. Does anyone know of a github thing, web service or otherwise, to generate pull request emails?

On 01/29/2015 03:17 PM, David Shea wrote:
For commits: do what this page says. https://help.github.com/articles/receiving-email-notifications-for-pushes-to-a-repository/

In the Approved header, put the list password, which will (in theory) tell mailman to approve the email. This may depend on the mailman configuration.

For patches/pull requests, I don't see a way to do it without a github account. We can create a github account with anaconda-patches set as the notification address, and on the mailing list side we need to accept messages from notifications github com. Here are some things I found that will be annoying:

- github sets the reply-to address to something that will reply into the pull request thread, but it will use the original recipient as the message author. In other words, all replies to notifications sent to anaconda-patches will appear as being written by anaconda-patches, and since anaconda-patches is the sender these messages won't be forwarded back to the list.

- There is more than one way to comment on a commit or lines of a commit, and not all of them generate notifications. If, in the pull request, you go to the commits tab and comment on some stuff there, those comments are part of the repository being pulled from, not the main repo being watched, so no notification is sent. If you go to "Files changed" and comment on stuff there, notifications are sent.

- You can edit comments via the web interface. Edits do not create notification emails.

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