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Re: Testing Hello World addon

Update (for any soul that may venture here): Just tested it
Hello_world works fine with fedora (anaconda 22 or higher).  I was
using Centos 7 (anaconda 19) which doesn't support addons (yet).

For Development environment: PDB can be used to debug anaconda and
generating an updates.img and then using inst.updates seems a pretty
decent solution to me.

On 13/07/2015, sad man <asadxflow gmail com> wrote:
> Hi I am beginning to write a Cloud addon for Anaconda. I have a question
> regarding testing and development environment.
> ​1. Hello_world doesn't seem to show up during the install.
> I cloned the hello_world example
> <https://github.com/rhinstaller/hello-world-anaconda-addon>and placed it on
> my install media as specified in the installer. My directory structure
> <iso>/usr/share/anaconda/addons/org_fedora_hello
> <iso>images/addon_updates.img
> ​What is hello_world addon supposed to do? (is it supposed to show up
> during install?) how can I test it?
> 2. Development environment, right now from what I understand I can only
> test my code by placing it on install media and then running the setup
> (which is tedious).
> Is there a better way to setup development environment for anaconda
> (addons)?
> --
> Cheers,
> Asad


Asadullah Hussain

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