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Re: Anaconda and cloud-init

Yes, that's an option (one can even embed the cloud config data right in kickstart instead of fetching it with curl). One question is installation-time cloud-init configuration (eg for bunch of machines) vs boot-time cloud-init configuration (which could differ for specific machines from the bunch). But perhaps two cloud-init sources - 1) /var/cloud-init/ created at install time and 2) nocloud-net (ds= boot option) set up when booting a machine - can be used at the same time seamlessly?

On 07/20/2015 03:23 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
Performing some thread necromancy here:


is a recent blog entry which shows how to link together
kickstart + cloud-init.

This helps solve several problems beyond just the SSH key and
other minor kickstart vs cloud-init differences.

For example, you can `docker pull` in cloud-init,
whereas one can't in kickstart as the installer environment
isn't set up to run Docker.

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