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Re: Regarding NFS method of Installation issue in RHEL 6.6


i was able to perform Network Installation successfully.

Sharing information of what I did :- 

What I changed in my kickstart was the below:-

nfs --server= --dir=/export/home/agarg/imag


nfs --server= --dir=/export/home/agarg/imag/install.img

Also On the NFS server side, I kept install.img on the ISO tree as a separate entity on ISO tree.

Although I do not know a reason that why install.img is given as an arguement to dir, Because  the below docuement says in case of nfs installation.



Directory containing the Packages/ directory of the installation tree. If doing an ISO install, this directory must also contain images/install.img.

Nonetheless Thanks for looking into the issue.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 5:48 PM, anant garg <garginfo158 gmail com> wrote:
Hi All,

Greeting for the day.

I was installation RHEL by using  NFS method in a kickstart  file

My kickstart includes another kickstart 

Below was a snippet of my kickstart 

nfs --server= --dir=/export/home/agarg/imag

key --skip
lang en_US.UTF-8
keyboard us

% include /mnt/stage2/kickstart/Additional.inc


I found that during Network  installation, Installation failed with Error:-

The following problem occurred on line 0 of the kickstart file:

Unable to open input kickstart file: Could not open/read file:///mnt/stage2/kickstart/Additional.inc  

I login to tty2 and found that only images directory from ISO has been copied to /mnt/stage2
That is why it is not finding the kickstart.

I can not understand this behavior.

I tried the same installation by CD and /mnt/stage2 was having kickstart and complete iso tree.

Can any one please help me understand this behavior and solution for nfs method of installation of above on RHEL 6.6?

Please let me know in case you require more information

Thanks and Regards,
Anant Garg

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