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Re: pykickstart-3 copr

> If you're targeting F25, I'd say in many ways it would make sense to
> land it into Rawhide earlier. The whole point of the 'no frozen
> Rawhide' setup, with releases branching before Alpha, was to allow for
> this: so you could land stuff targeted for a future release much
> further ahead of time and have more time to work on it. Worth
> considering anyhow?

Potentially.  For anyone who is using pykickstart as a library (so,
subclassing things it provides, adding their own commands, etc.) the
version of pykickstart in the copr is incompatible.  It'll just
traceback all over the place.  I wanted to give everyone a heads up this
was coming without having to ship two different versions of pykickstart.
Thus, my current plan of all the DeprecationWarnings on the version in
rawhide and the shiny new version in copr.

But I'd entertain other approaches.  I've tried to not screw people over
with pykickstart library changes in the past, which is why I was playing
it safe here.

- Chris

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