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what creates /etc/multipath.conf on composes?

crossposting to anaconda-devel and fedora test lists


I ran into a consistently reproducible multipathd crash in Fedora
Rawhide netinstaller during startup, filed a multipathd bug, and the
assignee fixed the crash but also discovered that the
/etc/multipath.conf in the booted netinstall environment is not the
intended default that it should be.


There is no /etc/multipath.conf in an installed system. So something
in the compose process is creating this wrong /etc/multipath.conf and
I'm not sure what's responsible. Since it's already on the install
media, when anaconda does this:

Feb 07 00:29:34 localhost anaconda[1657]: program: Running [3]
mpathconf --find_multipaths y --user_friendly_names y
--with_multipathd y ...

Is a no op, because that won't overwrite an existing file. But the bug
assignee is saying there shouldn't be an /etc/multipath.conf file
already there, so that (basically) the anaconda call to mpathconf
causes the correctly formed /etc/multipath.conf file to be created.

Chris Murphy

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