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Re: Cannot install on the same device (iSCSI target) where LiveOS booted from

Hi Radek,

Thanks for your suggestion to use inst.nonibftiscsiboot, I didn't need
this because I still booted the iSCSI target from where I wanted to install
Fedora and used the following arguments:

root=live:CDLABEL=Fedora-WS-Live-32-1-6  rd.live.image quiet                                                                                                                                 
This seems to work but I wonder if this is how this was intended to be
used. - As Anaconda's default behavior seems to check if the ibft is
valid for iSCSI boot Anaconda must be started from a target with iBFT
enabled which is only possible when:
- using physical DVD/USB install media
- by prepping the iSCSI target with something able to load LiveCD from
  another iSCSI target/source.
- by netbooting using different means (I didn't have enough RAM to test
  using memdisk)

It would have been very helpful to me if inst.nonibftiscsiboot was
suggested by Anaconda when it fails/blocks on installing the bootloader.

It would be even more helpful if one could ignore this check

Anyway, thanks for your help! I guess inst.nonibftiscsiboot was what I
was looking for.

Dick Marinus

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