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Re: F33: preview swap-on-ZRAM using zram-generator feature change

Also, just to underscore the scope of this feature. It does propose
dropping the swap partition by default for all Fedora editions and
spins. It would still be possible for users to create a (regular)
swap-on-disk partition, and Anaconda would still add the appropriate
resume=UUID= kernel parameter.

This is item #3 in the summary.

Vendula Poncova explains some things in this comment that relate to
the installer UI and dropping the swap-on-disk partition by default.

Also related, and referenced in the feature, and posted to devel@
list: "Supporting hibernation in Workstation ed., draft 2"

It's short, maybe two pages with references. Idea is to summarize the
most central issues and the way forward. The references lead to quite
a lot of  conversations and additional references. Also it's likely
permanently a draft because, well things are always changing, the
story doesn't yet have a conclusion. But in the meantime we need to
move forward the best we can.

Chris Murphy

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