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F33: preview swap-on-ZRAM using zram-generator feature change


I'm following-up now that there's a preview of the change proposal ready:


- This is a system-wide change, for all editions and spins. And if
Anaconda folks are still agreeable, it would be included on all
install media where Anaconda is found: DVD/Live/netinstall.

- Fedora Workstation edition will no longer create swap-on-disk by
default. Instead swap-on-zram will be used. I expect to get buy-in
from other editions/spins to do the same. This applies only to the
default/automatic partitioning path, as previously discussed.

- Tentative (proposed) defaults similar to what's used by IoT: ZRAM
device is 50% RAM, with a 4GiB cap.

The max size, which is configurable, is to help scale ZRAM device size
for more uses cases and hopefully settle on a single default Fedora
wide. This is a bit different than Anaconda's implementation, which
doesn't activate above 2GiB, and uses a 1:1 ZRAM to RAM ratio. Based
on my testing, even VM's with 3GiB RAM still prefer to use quite a
decent amount of swap ~200MiB. If it's available. I think this
adjustment is neutral to slightly better for Anaconda. And in any case
the installer and installed environments will have the same
configuration and implementation as a result of the change.

- Disable or somehow deprecate the Anaconda specific implementation,
to avoid conflict and user confusion among the implementations.

- Test day will be planned

Critical feedback welcome.

Chris Murphy

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