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Re: Status of everything?

Man, if spending isn't really a deal, go with the SCSI RAID.  Land yourself
160 megs per second striped over as many disks as you can afford, with raid
5 of course.  If you do this, you should consider upgrading your power
supply to at least 450 watts.  Don't forget to use the jumpers on some of
the drives to delay the motor startup, so you don't blow your new supply
upon your first powerup.  You could also use a separate case and run the
SCSI cable externally to the server (if you don't have a case with a trailer
hitch and tires).

I have limited funds, so ataraid is the closest to heaven that I'm allowed.
Whatever you do, don't go with option 3.  BTW, I use a Promise Fasttrak
ATA/100 RAID (20267) with 3 (max of 4) Quantum fireball 8.4 GB.  They aren't
ata/100 though (I wish they were).  In linux, according to bonnie++, I get
between 22 and 30 Megs/sec xfer rate.  You will probably get much much much
more with the solution I presented above.

-Mike Tharp

> I was just about to upgrade to a 3ware Escalade card to get my disk I/O
> sped up, but I found out 3ware has basically killed the Escalade line,
> as of a few days ago. This leaves me with three options:
> 1. SCSI
> 2. IDE Raid stuff
> 3. Suffering on
> I'd really like to go on with #2.
> Basically, what IDE RAID controllers are currently supported/working?
> I've heard that the Promise Supertrak is, although unsupported, fully
> hardware and OS transparent. Failing that, I'd like to use a Fasttrak
> TX4 or so, and failing that, a Fasttrak100. I currently have Debian
> Unstable installed on an Ultra100, and I'd prefer to get the new disk
> subsystem running and move over, if at all possible.
> Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for the help!
> P.S. Price isn't an issue, within reason. A good SCSI RAID setup was
> going to run me ~2K$, so a 300$ Promise Supertrak and four 150$ drives
> is a steal.
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