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Re: Hacked Ultra100

Eric Hattemer wrote:

I have a hacked Ultra100 made to function like a Fastrack100. I followed the steps on www.braziliantech.com <http://www.braziliantech.com> . Basically, what Daniel, the webmaster for that site, did was to take a fasttrack bios, then change every occurrence of Device ID DEV_4D30 (FastTrak), and replace it with DEV_0D30 (Ultra100). Then he took every occurrence of SubSystem ID SUBSYS_4D39105A and changed it to SUBSYS_4D33105A. http://www.braziliantech.com/en-us/guides/02172001.shtml . All I had to do was flash the bios, then download his special windows drivers in order to get it to work. What would I have to do to the linux drivers to get linux installed on this hacked array? To modify the windows drivers, he changed a "104h - RAID Controller" to a " 180h - PCI Mass Storage Controller". http://www.braziliantech.com/en-us/guides/06142001.shtml . He created linux drivers, based off the Promise ones, which do not validate the device class. However, these drivers do not seem to work. I cannot install RH7 or 7.1 using this driver disk. http://www.braziliantech.com/Promise/ftrhup_120b9_A7VRAID.zip . What would I need to do to get these drivers to work, or create new drivers for the hacked chip. The chip is a Promise Ultra100 on an Asus A7V motherboard. Thanks.

-Eric Hattemer

Why so complicated? I bought a Promise Ultra66, soldered a single resistor to it and flashed an original Promise BIOS for an Fasttrak66 to and it works like a charm! I have not tried it with an Ultra100 but I found a website with a description how to do this: http://www.tweakhardware.com/raid/ . If you modify the Controller like this, you have a "real" Fasttrak and you have no Problems with any self-patched drivers and bioses. There are even some guides how to modify onboard controllers...

Helge Lenz

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