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Re: IDE RAID, htp370/372 help

>   I have an integrated highpoint372 ATA133 RAID
> controller on my mobo.  I have the drivers for RedHat
> from Highpoint.  However, no matter which way I try to
> make an install, the install sees the PHYSICAL disks
> instead of a RAID partition.

The kernel will always see the physical disks because of the way RAID is
done on this controller. its a kind of "software" RAID, mostly done by the
BIOS of the controller (and later the windows-driver). Linux doesnt care
much about that BIOS and so sees the physical disks.

AFAIK you can do only RAID0 with the ataraid-module which is discussed in
this list...

And thats the way this is done:

Recompile a kernel to include support for hptraid and ataraid, and support
for the hpt37x-series-controller.

Create a RAID-0 Array on some harddisks. You must have an installed linux
on a harddisk which does not paticipate any RAID.

Boot the new kernel there.
After that, use MAKEDEV from the package, now you will have devices in
/dev/ataraid/, d0 is the first raid, d1 the second...

d0p1 is the first partition on the first raid and so on.

now you can create partitions there with fdisk and even install linux.
You can copy the new kernel there and even boot from it, just give
lilo the /dev/ataraid/??? device as root (e.g. /dev/ataraid/d0p1)

The drivers from highpoint do similar things, but they simulate a scsi
Still linux will see the physical disks at boottime, but the raid will be
availible as /dev/sda, sdb,...

But as this driver is supplied as a module, you can not boot from raid

Sorry for mistakes, my english is not the best i guess.. :-)

Hope this is usefull

Viele Grüsse,

Thorsten Jungblut
Universität Koblenz, Fachbereich Informatik

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