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Re: OT: searching for driver RH9.0

Stephen Liu wrote:

Hi all folks,

Kindly accept my apologies for this posting.

I have been searching hard for driver for following controller

Z-Cyber Speedway 133 + RAID

Operating System:  Redhat 9.0
Processor:	AMD
Speed		350

and don't know where could I find it.  Nor where is the right mailing
address to post.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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From the Windows driver download's .inf file, on the page you linked:

Silicon Image SiI 0680 Medley Raid Controller

You need to use the Silicon Image chipset support and SI Medley RAID support in a recent 2.4.* kernel. Beware that I have had zero success with any Silicon Image controllers, and ataraid appears to be slowly degenerating, and is totally obsoleted/deprecated in 2.6.*.

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