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Re: OT: searching for driver RH9.0

Hi Rich

Thanks for your advice.

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 14:41, Rich 'Forge' Mingin wrote:

> You can ignore the Windows drivers, I only used those to figure out what 
> chipset your card is using. The Silicon Image Support and Medley ATA 
> RAID options are in the kernel config.

Noted with thanks

> You may need to compile a custom kernel before you can access the RAID 
> array. The RAID part of things is done in the driver, and the RedHat 
> kernel appears to not be using the ataraid driver.

One thing I could not resolve.  When to recompile the kernel, before
installation of RH9.0 or after installation?  If recompiling the kernel
after installation, RH 9.0 will be installed on the 1st hard drive (the
hard drive connected to the 1st slot of the controller as master)
leaving the 2nd hard drive empty (hard drive connected to the 2nd slot
as master).  I have no knowledge to compile the kernel before
installation of RH 9.0

Kindly advise.  Thanks in advance.


> >>Beware that I have had zero success 
> >>with any Silicon Image controllers, and ataraid appears to be slowly 
> >>degenerating, and is totally obsoleted/deprecated in 2.6.*.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Noted with thanks.
> >
> >This RAID box is for test purpose.  I tried Win2K running on RAID-0,
> >stripping.  It worked, seeing one single drive.  Its capacity was
> >approximately the sum of 2 hard drives connected to 1st slot, as master
> >and 2nd slot, also as master, respectively of the RAID controller.
> >
> >When coming to Redhat 9.0 installation using "Manual Partition" 2
> >separate hard drives are seen, not a single drive as in Win2K case. 
> >
> This is because Win2k was using the RAID driver from Silicon Image, and 
> doing the RAID in the driver. Linux is seeing the controller and the two 
> drives, since no driver is doing the RAID operations.
> > I
> >hesitate whether Redhat 9.0 could not see the RAID controller because
> >without proper driver installed.  Or it is correct in Redhat 9.0/Linux
> >case.
> >
> >Kindly advise.  Thanks in advance.
> >
> >B.Regards
> >Stephen

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