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Re: redhat 8.0 and HighPoint372 ATA/133 RAID

> This may sound like a stupid question...

No!  It's my dilema too! :)

> But if our goal is to build a computer, create the hardware RAID, and
> then install RedHat 8.0,
> how are we supposed to download the new kernel, apply the patch, make
> xconfig and build the new kernel, if we haven't got linux installed on
> the new hardware yet?
> kind of a catch 22 isn't it?

I gave up on waiting for HPT to update their RHL8.0 driver.  I have
emailed them four times since mid-October and they stopped responding :( 
No ETA provided.

Based upon recommendation from redhat-phoebe list, someone talked me into
trying RH software raid and it seems to work fairly well.  The poster
claimed that the software raid was no slower than the HPT hardware
solution- but I'd like to compare benchmarks anyway.

Anyway, you can currently use Shark's precompiled boot disk (
http://www.bandaancha.st/documentos.php?docid=56 option #4) to get RH8.0
installed on a fresh machine, and the copy his precompiled kernel (if you
have an Athlon CPU) from the his floppy before the end of the install.  I
have i386 so cannot use his kernel.  When I tried recompiling my own
kernel I ran into a problem at around this part:
"Now we must copy hpt37x2.o to /lib/modules/2.4.18-athlon/drivers/scsi/ ..."
I didn't have a /drivers/scsi subdir, so I made one and copied the compiled
hpt37x2.o to it but it then failed with the next command:
"/sbin/mkinitrd -f --preload scsi_mod --preload sd_mod --preload ext3
--with=hpt37x2 /boot/initrd-2.4.18-4athlon.img 2.4.18-4athlon"
I forget the error but it was a show stopper for my compiling abilities.

Shark- now that HPT has come out with a 1.31 version of the driver
compiled with GCC 3.2, would you consider recreating your precompiled boot
disks?  I would be most appreciative.  Have tried compiling my own kernel
to include the HPT driver but failed miserably.  Would the procedure be
almost the same as section 2.B or am I just confused?

Thanks for your great resource and contributions.

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