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Re: is it worth using ata-raid?


If you use Promise supplied proprietary driver which does SCSI emulation,
more cpu is used. ataraid is not that bad compared to md raid which has
its own limitations if you want to encapsulate /

In these days of extremely powerful CPUs and their 512K+ cache, probably
using cpu time is not necessarily bad. When I get time I run some
performance tests on scsi emulation,md and ataraid and post results here


On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Randy wrote:

> I just read that the on the motherboard Promise ata-raid controller uses a
> lot of cpu time.
> The Linux software raid option is much more efficient.
> Since Linux can do the raid functions in software what is the point of using
> the ata-raid?
> I have been having a lot of trouble getting by asus a7n266 to work.
> Should I keep trying or just switch to Linux raid?
> Randy
> randy globebus com
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