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RE Adaptec AAR-1200Acharset="us-ascii"

Re Adaptec AAR-1200A

Francesco Peeters wrote:

>Hello All,
>When I ordered an IDE RAID card from my supplier, it was on backorder 
>for several weeks, so he ended up ordering a different one: Adaptec 
>I know it has the HPT chipset on there, so basically it should work as 
>a IDE controller with the added fucntionality of the RAID BIOS and the 
>ATA-RAID compataibility...
>However before I open the package (or actually the Anti-static bag, as 
>the box itself is already open!) I should like to know whether anyone 
>has any experience using this card on Red-Hat 7.1 or above.
>I am not looking for OS, just for the DATA disk to be RAID-1.
>I am not sure yet whether I'll go for ata-raid or md, but either way I 
>should like to know if the card'll work...
>Any comments would be welcome!

I've got one of the above the chip is definitely a HPT370. I flashed the
firmware with the firmware from the highpoint site, and it now behaves
like the highpoint one. Unfortunately I did not get any further with the
installation as the Unit requires a later version of the pci bus than
the machine that I had originally intended to deploy it with. I'd wager
a beer that it would work.
BTW I've got the same chip working on an IWILL branded board in another
machine, running RH7.1, but that was using the highpoint drivers.

Steve Bates

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