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Re: Intel SE7500WV2 w/Fastrak TX2000 Lite RAID

So it sounds like you are suggesting a late model kernel (either 2.4.18
from Red Hat or 2.4.20), using the in kernel promise drivers that allow
me to get access to the ide parts of the controller. Then use md on top
of that.

On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 12:26, Samuel Flory wrote:
> Edward Muller wrote:
> >I have an Intel SE7500WV2 Motherboard in an Intel SR1300 chasis and am
> >looking to put this box into production with a mirrored hard drive pair
> >(RAID 1).
> >
> >For various reasons I can only use RedHat 7.2 (running a management
> >application that requires 7.2).
> >
> >I would however like to use a more recent kernel, either RedHat's latest
> >kernel update for 7.2 or 2.4.20(|-ac2).
> >
> >I currently have 2.4.20-ac2 running with the ataraid driver and things
> >seem to be working fine, but the box isn't in production yet.
> >  
> >
> >I'm looking for some information/opinions on what's the safest was to
> >run this server in production with the RAID1 setup?
> >
> >-Use software raid (md) and the ide devices?
> >
>   This is what I'd use.  This gives you an easy upgrade path for 8.x. 
>  In addition it's faster.  The latest redhat kernels seem to work fine 
> for this.
> >-Use the Fasttrak software raid (ataraid)?
> >
>     It will work, but you'll need to jump thru a lot of hoops to upgrade 
> down the road.
> >-Use the original RH 7.2 kernel (2.4.7 IIRC) w/the Promise provided
> >drivers?
> >
>   In addition to the various vm, and security issues.  That kernel 
> doesn't properly support a dual xeon system.
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