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Re: info on the Promise FastTrack 100 TX2

> On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 06:57:07PM +1100, Steve & Dee McInerney wrote:
>> I have a FT 100 tx2, and am happy to answer what I can.
>> Suggest you ask the Q's of the list anyway.
> I've found step-by-step instructions for installing RHL7.3 onto a system
> with all the disks on this controller, and then on to build the kernel
> with the linux native ataraid controller.  That's all cool.
> What I'm wondering is:
> 1. Is this truly a hardware RAID controller?  I've seen references to it
> being a quasi-hardware RAID solution...

AFAIK, and I could be wrong. It's a software raid controller. The Promise
drivers that pretend to be scsi devices (windows and linux) contain all
the software tat does the raid.

> 2. With the hot-swap chassis, can the linux ataraid controller really do
> the hot-swapping and auto-rebuilding of drives?  This is currently how
> my customer does backups (yes, I am pushing them to get a tape drive)
> and if we cannot do hot-swaps then we'll have to figure something out...

Dunno about the hot swap. From what I've raid, I'd say no ... But then
again I could be wrong. ... But...

RAID != backup. I can't stress that enough. Backup is useful for many
other things other than hard drive failure. For instance if your raid
controller/software did malfuncation, it could corrupt all the data before
anyone has a change to intervene (sp). Also what about archiving (I
encourage customers with tape backup to rotate at least one tape out of
their backup rotation each month and archive it). And that's not even
getting into disaster recovery....

> Thanks!
> -Michael
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