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Help with PDC 20276 on MSI board

Hi all,

I have been unsuccessfully trying to get my new motherboard working for some time now. I used to have ataraid running on an MSI K7T266 PRO-R with PDC 20265 chip onboard and 2x 40 GB IBM HD. So far, so good.

I upgraded to an

MSI K3TUltra2-R with onboard PDC 20276
I am using 2x 120 GB IBM HD and I am running Debian Woody and Win98SE.

The funny part: with the original 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel _WITHOUT_ the PDC driver, but some kernel parameters for ide2 and ide3, ataraid is working fine. The performance sucks, though, as the disks are being used in PIO. Fastest I could get was around 4 MB/s.

I have quite some experience in building own kernels and have used ataraid since 2.4.6 with patches on the other computer, but with 2.4.18, 2.4.19, 2.4.20 and 2.4.21 it's all the same:

I can compile the PDC driver in (and it finds the disks) or leave it out, but the ataraid driver won't even output a single line testifying its existence in the kernel - resulting in a kernel panic of course, as it can't mount its /.

I prefer to always build a custom kernel with the necessary hardware drivers for boot, so I don't have to use initrd, but even with initrd it's the same problem. Until I migrate to some other MS-OS with software raid, I need ataraid (couldn't get the promise driver to cooperate, either).

The funny thing is that I can't even recreate a similar kernel to the woody one, working with kernel-parameters.

Any comments, "Idiot, do this and it works!" or magic spells?



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