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Re: Promise ft.o static kernel?

the only thing i want is a module which connects the promise controller
successfull and without any error messages.
the promise modul (pti_st.o) works fine but this is only for kernel version
2.4.10... and i want use the module under
kernel 2.4.19. this is a pitty.
the i2o modules works fine also but i get more and more error messages in my
var/log/warn file which i can't understand,
because the error code says nothing out.
the ataraid modules doesnt' works....

so im very angry because i've bought the controller 3 weeks ago...

best regards,

Grüsse von Pascal Reinheimer
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Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 6:59 PM
Subject: Promise ft.o static kernel?

> If you find out to put this into a static kernel how PLEASE post this
> info here.
> Promise has recently stated they will discontinue development for Linux.
> That is funny, they never really supported Linux anyway,  I guess this
> means they will layoff the one developer, who must have done his work on
> Linux at home, off hours....unpaid.
> Note: Promise has stated in writing, on the outside of my Promise
> controller box, Linux is supported.
>  If they do end Linux support, I hope they will allow release of the
> driver/controller information, so the Linux kernel can properly support
> these controllers (much cheaper for Promise).
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