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RE: Promise PDC 20276, using md

To Answer your last question:

I have received the Red Hat 8 beta drivers for Promise 100 TX2 card
(received from Promise tech support), and have successfully set up RAID-1
with RH 8 using the HW RAID  NOT software, 

Not sure if that helps, 

But anyway,


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my last post was asking if anyone had any recent experience with installing
a fresh system using the redhat 8.0 drivers off the highpoint website for
the HPT374 chipset.

I am in the position of designing a new server that has to run RAID.
(either RAID-1 or RAID-5).  I am buying all new hardware from scratch for it
so I need to be sure I am minimizing any possible headache's with the

Basically I need a board with 4 IDE ports on it, and a BIOS setting that
allows me to disable the onboard RAID function without losing access to IDE3
and IDE4.

Originally, I was looking at the ABIT AT7 MAX,  with the onboard HighPoint
HPT374 chipset.  I can't get that board so I have switched to the Gigabyte
The Gigabyte board is using the Promise PDC20276 controller, which I see by
this list people have been having some difficulties with.

My question is this:  I am going to be using RedHat 8.0, but I am not going
to be utilizing the onboard BIOS for controlling the RAID.  I would rather
use the kernel level md raid drivers, and use the raidtools package from
within the OS.

I am going to be installing 2 Maxtor 80gig drives, one on IDE3 and one on
IDE4.  but then in the BIOS I will set them as regular disks.

When people are having the problems during the installation of linux, are
their problems due to the fact that they are using the onboard RAID
controller to build and maintain their array?  Which then has to communicate
with the kernel to "translate" what's going on.?

since I am going to be disabling the RAID function onboard and relying on
the md drivers from the kernel, am I effectively sidestepping any problems?
(I'm thinking that just the simple fact that the drives are even plugged
into IDE3 and IDE4 there is still a possible issue with communicating with
the promise chip.. even though its not actually doing anything with the

list, are you guys using the promise RAID controller to build and maintain
your RAID?  or using software raid via linux.

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