Reaching Maximum Speed With SATA ?

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Mon Apr 5 21:20:37 UTC 2004

Hello all,

Following to a post I read on "Linux: Reaching Maximum
Speed With SATA"

I simply wanted to know if FC1 will be patched with latest Jeff Garzik's
code or not? And FC2?

I ran bonnie++ of my box and I also wanted to know if these were nice
results or not ? Do you have suggestions in order to improve my system
performances ?

System :

Intel PIV c 3GHz HT enabled
Asus P4C800-Deluxe
2x Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10000RPM (using linux software raid0)
2x SNT-135 SATA racks
Corsair TWINX1024-3200LLPRO (
Fedora Core 1 (2.4.22-1.2174.nptlcustom)

Results :

$ bonnie++ -r 2048
Writing with putc()...done
Writing intelligently...done
Reading with getc()...done
Reading intelligently...done
start 'em...done...done...done...
Create files in sequential order...done.
Stat files in sequential order...done.
Delete files in sequential order...done.
Create files in random order...done.
Stat files in random order...done.
Delete files in random order...done.
Version  1.03       ------Sequential Output------ --Sequential Input-
                    -Per Chr- --Block-- -Rewrite- -Per Chr- --Block--
Machine        Size K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP 
/sec %CP
mybox.optimized. 4G 32039  93 124713  68 58151  18 34783  93 122964  18
301.1   1
                    ------Sequential Create------ --------Random
                    -Create-- --Read--- -Delete-- -Create-- --Read---
              files  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP 
/sec %CP
                 16  2860  96 +++++ +++ +++++ +++  2946  98 +++++ +++ 
8716  97,4G,32039,93,124713,68,58151,18,34783,93,122964,18,301.1,1,16,2860,96,+++++,+++,+++++,+++,2946,98,+++++,+++,8716,97

Many thanks for your time and help
Optimized (just trying:)

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