Promise Raid PDC20265 over Kernel 2.6.5

Borrajudo carajudo BorrajaX_Listas at
Fri Apr 30 00:57:47 UTC 2004

Oops. I'm afraid I didn't say I wanted to boot with a raid system. I mean,
I've seen the PDC20265 controller in the kernel options, but the problem I
have is that when I try to boot from the /dev/ataraid/d0 I receive a Kernel
Panic (Unable to mount VFS). I'm not booting from an "external" device, but
from de raid disk.

 I can boot correctly with Kernel 2.4.25, but not with the 2.6.5. I suppose
I could be able to use a non-raid hard disk to boot and after booting, using
the raid devices for storage, but that's not what I wanted. I want to boot
from a raid disk. (Two disks stripped). If not, it is an option I don't mark
in the kernel configuration.

Exactly, my device is:
Promise Raid Ultra-Lite 100 (integrated on a Gigabyte-GA7DXR motherboard)
with two disks in an array of 80 Gb, and with the bios upgraded to the last
version (the 10th)

I would be very thankful with any ideas (as I have been with this one: Thank
you, Samuel)

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> Borrajudo carajudo wrote:
> > Has anybody been able to run a Promise PDC20265 (Ultra Lite 100) with
> > 2.6.5 Kernel?. I'm working with the 2.4.25, and I'd like to upgrade
> > I tried to compile the 2.6.5 and I realized that the Promise controller
> > still wasn't there. If there isn't support, does anybody knows if
> > the Promise controller is "scheduled"?.
>    The controller works just fine with the current 2.6.  It doesn't do
> the fakeraid stuff.
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