Promise PDC20265 RAID over kernels 2.4 ro 2.6 (Desesperation)

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Sat Feb 21 13:58:38 UTC 2004

Thank you for your fast answer, Nicklas. I'll try the kernel 2.4.25, and
I'll tell you all

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Hello Hector,

ATARAID is no longer supported in the 2.6.x kernel (this is now done with
device mapping. I'm still waiting for an easy way to set up RAIDx using my
Promise TX2000 card in Linux 2.6.x). I have also had all sorts of problems
with my Promise card in different kernel versions after the 2.4.18 kernel.
My problem was that the disks geometry was not detected correctly by Linux
and therfore I got a nice kernel panic like yours. Anyway the patch that
fixed my problem is now included in the 2.4.25 kernel and I suggest you give
it a try. I'm sure you need to add a correct append line to lilo like the
following (probably you need to change it to fit your system):

append="ide0=0xd000,0xb802,12 ide1=0xb400,0xb002,12"

You can take a look at this page to determine yours:

Good luck!


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I'm not sure if I sent properly this:

> Hello. Good evening from Spain.
> This is my first message to the list, and is consequence of a newie's
> exasperation that doesn't know what's happening in his computer.
> I've got a Gigabyte 7DXR+ motherboard, with an integrated RAID
> controller Promise Ultra Lite 100. I think that the controller's model
> is the
> and I configured it as RAID-0 (stripping). The idea, in fact, is to be
> to boot from the RAID (I mean, without any hard disks on the "usual" IDEs.
> Only CD-Roms over ide's 1 and 2). Well...I got a weird problem. It's
> weird at first seen, and exasperating after some days trying to fix
> the problem without success.
> With Kernel 2.4.18 -->
>     I install Linux perfectly. The RAID hard disk is perfectly seen by
> Cfdisk. I partition it, I make my Ext3 partitions perfectly, I make a
> gorgeous swap partition, I select every module that could remember to
> "RAID", I make a floppy "rescue disk", I put my LiLO in the mbr, I
> reboot and... ¡Oh surprise!, the system gets hanged up when it is
> going to recognize the disks (just before recognizing disks over ide1 and
> the weird think comes when I boot from the floppy. If I do  that, the
> works properly, and I have no problems, all the partitions are done,
> all
> data are there, and I don't have any problem. I've seen that there is
> an option for partitions called "linux raid autodetect". At first, I
> didn't
> my partitions that way, but I converted them to this (with Cfdisk) and
> the problem is still there (I didn't see any changes).
> The fact is that the "hanging up point", in principle, has no relation
> the floppy, because if I boot from the floppy disk, it reads the
> image from the floppy, yes, but it stops reading the floppy before the
> hanging up point. I mean, is like if that "frosting point" had no
> relation with the fact of booting from floppy or from hdd. Obviously,
> that's impossible, because booting from floppy the system works nice,
> but gets frozen booting from hdd. I've been reading HowTos, and many
> other things, and I reached the conclusion that it could be a Lilo's
> problem, but I've tried many things, and many options in Lilo and the
> problem is still the same. I tried to put the append "ide2=0x...,
> ide3=..." that I saw in many places, and nothing. I tried to change
> the partitions from
> to /dev/mdX, and even to /dev/hde, and noooooothing. The same problem.
> And when I say "the same", I mean "the same": I can't see any changes
> on the behabvior of the computer.
> With Kernel 2.6.2 ->
>         I compile it with every options that could remember (even from
> far
> away) to "RAID", even some things of SCSIs. Of course, I load the
> PDC20265 controller, and even the PDC20276¿? (not sure about wich
> other, but other PDC20xxx). Everything I found that could have
> relationship with RAID, I
> it.
> I compile the kernel, I have a beautiful, free of errors bzImage, I
> my problems, I change my lilo to "see" the kernel 2.6, I
> and... Plaf!!: Kernel Panic. Unable to mount VFS. I think he also says
> he's unable to find something bootable in the 7200 sector (of
> something
> that), and he also says that wants something correct for the "root="
>     The root option in my lilo is /dev/ataraid/d0p9, that is my /
> partition that is perfectly loaded when I boot from floppy.
>     Well... at least with this kernel I get an error message XD.
> I've tried to put everything in Lilo: I tried putting in the root
> option everything; from /dev/ataraid/d0p9 to /dev/md0, /dev/md1,
> md9... to configure manually the boot sector (I got the 63), saying
> that disk=/dev/ataraid/d0, and even /dev/hde, and noooooooooooooothing.
>     I've been looking trough internet for days, reading hundred of
> and nothing. What if I used grub? It would help?
>     Please... Anyone has had a similar problem?. Any ideas?. It would
> be very helpful. It would be helpful for my walls too, because in two
> or
> days, if I can't fix the problem, I'm going to butt them.
>     Thank you in advance,
>     Hector.

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