Eureka!!! (Promise PDC20265 RAID over kernels 2.4 ro 2.6)

Nicklas Bondesson nicke at
Sat Feb 21 20:55:41 UTC 2004

I'm glad you've got it working. As I said before, ATA RAID is no longer
supported in the 2.6.x kernel. You have to set it up via device mapping. I'm
waiting for someone to release a neat setup tool to do this.



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It works, it works.Thanks to Nicklas Bondesson.

I compiled the Kernel 2.4.25 (the latest one of the 2.4.X, I think), as it
says in the tutorial in the web:

(I put the URL here for if someone has the same problem)

And my PROMISE Raid Ultra Lite 100, with the PDC20265 controllers works
fine. No hangs up, no Kernel Panics... ¡¡Perfect!!

Now the next mission is to discover if it also works on the 2.6.3 Kernel.
I'll keep you online. XD

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