dmraid questions

René-Pierre Lehmann ripi at
Mon Jul 12 18:34:49 UTC 2004

Heinz Mauelshagen said:
>> * I have two ext3 partitions on that array, how can I access them now ?
> You should have /dev/mapper/hpt37x_eaaajjcij_pX devnodes where X is
> the respective number of your partition unless you activated with option
> -p.
> Try "ls /dev/mapper/hpt*" or "dmsetup ls|grep '^hpt'" to list them.

Actually I don't have those devnodes. fdisk or parted aren't able to read
the partition table either; so I guess dmraid made it wrong.
By the way, what does the '(-)' near 'msdos' in the output from 'dmraid
-l' mean ? ('msdos  : (-) MSDOS partitions on SW RAIDs').
If you want more information about my raid array, just ask me.
Hope this helps,

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