What's that of lilo, booting and all so??

El borrajudo rampante borrajax_listas at yahoo.es
Wed Nov 10 23:24:18 UTC 2004

I've been reading the mails on the list, and I've heared something about
a lilo path for raid. What does this mean?. Can we boot from an ataraid
device?. I mean: I've got a Promise raid PDC20265 controller, and I have
to work with a 2.4.25 kernel because I thougth it was impossible to boot
from a 2.6.x kernel. Is it really impossible?. Could that lilo path help
me?. Anyway, my devices are in /dev/ataraid/ working properly, booting
properly and everything properly but... with a 2.4 kernel. 

Many time ago, someone told me (thank you again) that the initrd hadn't
been patched yet, so that it was impossible to boot from an ataraid
device. Is that still true?. Is there ANYWAY to boot from a 2.6.x kernel
with an ataraid device?. (I mean, if I have to dance a zulu dance for
making my system bootable with a 2.6, I will dance it :) )


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