What's that of lilo, booting and all so??

El borrajudo rampante borrajax_listas at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 11 15:40:37 UTC 2004

> Yup, it's definitely possible with Fedora Core 3. 
It > contains the
> necessary kernel patches and the dmraid binary.  All
> you need to add to
> FC3 is:
> - patch mkinitrd to include a static dmraid binary
in > initrd and run it
> - patch rc.sysinit to run static dmraid to setup the
> mapper devices
> - add /sbin/dmraid.static to your system
> - build lilo with Gerte's patch

> I can boot FC3 with my Sil3112 ATA Raid, and run
lilo > when it's running ;)

> Kind regards,

> Mark Wormgoor

Thank you for giving me a new hope!!. (As star wars :)
). But FedoraCore != Debian != Redhat, isn't it?.
Anyway... does anybody know a howto to this (even in
fedora)?. I mean, something like "ataraid for dummies"
or so (or better: for very very dummies XD ). The
problem I have is that my array is working as an
/dev/ataraid/ device (I also boot from there). Could
dmraid broke my partitions, data or so?. 

Thank you for your fast answer!.

Oh!, and thank you everybody for working on this.
Nowadays I'm learning how to program the kernel, and
perhaps, someday, I'll be able to do something useful
for the world :).


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