Ready to go... but to go where?? (dmraid, kernel patching and all so)

El borrajudo rampante borrajax_listas at
Thu Nov 18 15:49:00 UTC 2004

Well, list: Here I am. I've decided to make my Raid devices work with a
2.6 kernel and I'm going to do it!! (or dead in the attempt). XD

I've downloaded:
-A 2.6.7 kernel source (I've heard many bad things about the and
-The stable device mapper version
-The latest dmraid (1.0.4 version)
-Many kernel patches for the kernel. The file is named 2.6.9. Are these
patchs exclusives for the 2.6.9 kernels?.

Well... and now... what?. I mean. I've got a hardware-raid array (mode
0) running with a 2.4.25. My disks are stripped and y see them as an
only disk in /dev/ataraid/d0p... (p from partition) as many of you would
know. Mi controller is a Promise On-Board PDC20265 device. So my
question basically is: "What do I have to do now???". I suposse I'll
have to path the sources of the kernel 2.6.7, install dev mapper and
dmraid, but:

-1) For my PDC20265 controller to be detected by dmraid, do I have to
boot with the patched 2.6. kernel?. I don't think so, because if I boot
from a 2.6, i get a Kernel Panic, so I can't boot from a 2.6 withouth
having the dmraid set up.

-2) If I change my arrays partition, apply dmraid, devmapper and all so
to my /dev/ataraid devices, will I lose data?. I mean, do I have to make
security backups of everything or is it changed "automatically"?

-3) Where could I download the lilo path from?.

-4) Does anybody know a howto apply the dmraid and all so?

-5) After aplying the dmraid, devmapper... how will be my disks called?.
Nowadays, as I said, they are /dev/ataraid/d0p1, d0p2...). And after

-6) In which order do I have to install all these things I downloaded?.
I suposse first will be pathing and compiling the kernel sources, but
after that?. The dev mapper before the dmraid, the dmraid before the dev

Thank you, and sorry for my insistence, but I'm not sure at all about
what do I have to do. 

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