DMRaid mkinitrd

Erik Agsjö erik.agsjo at
Mon Oct 11 21:34:35 UTC 2004

Is there any way you can get strace onto your initrd image? This was
really helpful for me when I didn't get any useful output from the
tools. Also, does any "dm-X" nodes appear under /sys/block when dmraid
is run?


On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 22:04, Mark Wormgoor wrote:
> Hi,
> After spending a lot of the weekend with Anaconda, I managed to install
> Fedora devel (Rawhide) on my machine with a SiI3112 SATA RAID-0 set
> (already running FC-1 with medley.o).  Patch is available upon request.
> My next step is to get it to boot without too much hacking to the
> current mkinitrd script.  But... I'm not having a lot of success.  What
> the script does is:
> - run nash
> - mount proc
> - mount sysfs
> - start udev
> Then, I let it run dmraid -ay.  I know dmraid works, because I used it
> in Anaconda to install. But, dmraid just exits with an error with no
> real error message (just return code = 1).  And, the devices are not
> there under /dev/mapper.  I tried the static binary from the static rc4
> rpm and I tried a self compiled binary with enable-mini.  It doesn't
> make any difference.
> I even copied a static busybox into the initrd to troubleshoot, but
> nothing I do helps.  What is going on? 
> Erik, how did you get it to work?
> BTW, next step is lilo; I am still using lilo under FC1, since that
> works, but after getting initrd to work, I will try Erik's patch next.
> Kind regards,
> Mark

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