lilo patch to support DMraid

Gerte Hoogewerf gerte at
Mon Oct 25 23:37:20 UTC 2004

I've written a patch for Lilo to support installation on BIOS raids created 
with the Device-Mapper kernel interface.

This patch should be very usefull in combination with the dmraid tool, but it 
breaks the code Cristophe Saout wrote: actually his patch disables dmraid 
users to install Lilo as they can use very detailed settings 
in /etc/lilo.conf as a fall-back.

This code helps guessing the correct values to install the bootloader 
succesfully onto the Fake-RAID. This can also be done with some shellscripts 
parsing the output from dmsetup and fdisk to generate a 
correct /etc/lilo.conf but it might be more interesting if one piece of code 
can make all DM users happy. Maybe I'll integrate Saout's idea's later.

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