Promise Fasttrack PDC20265 and 2.6.X Kernel HowTo???

Borrajudo carajudo borrajax_listas at
Fri Sep 10 00:32:12 UTC 2004

Hello everybody. I'm following with a great interest all the mails in the
list, and I'm discovering that it's possible to work with a Promise
Fasttrack Raid-0 with the dmtools and a 2.6.X Kernel. (Now I'm with the
2.4.25 Kernel), but i don't know how. I've been searching through Internet,
but I haven't been able to find any HowTos for the promise controller (the
PDC20265 as I said on the subject) and (or over) the 2.6.X Kernels. Does
anybody knows any?. Does anybody have a link like "Setting a Promise Raid
over 2.6.X kernels for dummies"?.

Thank you in advance, and best regards!


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