SIL device names keep changing

Erik Agsjö erik.agsjo at
Sun Apr 17 17:59:03 UTC 2005

I'm successfully running a SIL 3112 dmraid mirrored configuration since
months, but I have just recently started using the mirror from Windows.

I started out using a home-brewed initrd setup on linuxfromscratch and
then switched to gentoo using gerte's excellent livecd and init scripts.

Now, each time I boot linux after having run a Windows (XP) session, the
device names have changed! I can manage to get everything up and running
by using the provided shell and figuring out the new boot device name,
then fixing fstab and grub.conf afterwards.

I have found out that the sil incarnation_no seems to increase by two
everytime I run Windows. What is the incarnation_no used for, and why is
it used to create the device name?


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