dmraid works with my TX-2000

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Wed Apr 20 19:42:48 UTC 2005

> I'm also running running Gentoo Linux, it applies to me ;-)
Whee!  Much rejoice :-).

> > I modified linuxrc to copy the device-mapper nodes from the initrd
> > filesystem (where dmraid "created" them) to the "static" /dev
> I thought about that, but I don't like the "newroot" to be mounted read/write
> during initrd-time :(

Please enlighten me.  Why is that bad?

Just diffed my linuxrc against Gerte's, he does the same thing.
Which reminds me, I get a message on every boot up saying that
"reiserfs assumes mounted read-only, skipping journal playback".  I

(I also get "attempt to access beyond end of device" and
"ichxrom_init_one(): Unable to register resource 0xffb00000-0xffffffff
- kernel bug?", but that's a whole other discussion.  Humn =)).

> > Also, I modified Gentoo's /sbin/rc script to save the device-mapper
> > nodes before it mounts udev and restore them afterwards (line 184):
> I don't like hacking /sbin/rc ;-) ... And I think this stuff is udev's
> resposibility, isn't it possible to learn udev to do the trick?

Good question.  No idea how udev works :-(.

> > Works like a charm.
> I believe that! :) ... I'm really suprised to see someone got through the same
> initrd hell as me ;-)

We should form a support group for other unfortunates!
(We could use it as an excuse for drinking if nothing else.)

> I've wrote a new linuxrc inspired by Gerte's linuxrc, simplified and less
> external binaries needed:
[script snipped]

Neat!  Except for...

> /bin/mount -t ext3 -o ro $REAL_ROOT /root

This one.  Won't work for eg. reiserfs users (me).
(Think I'll be reinstalling with ext2 anyway, to get noflushd working,
but anyhow.)

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